Escape Room Paradise

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Paradise Escape Room: An Immersive Adventure

Do you have a taste for mystery? Satisfy your hunger for puzzles and brainteasers by entering the escape room Paradise.

Imagine being Sherlock Holmes minus the gun-totting criminals and perilous sprees. You can experience that in a Paradise escape room! Yes, crossword puzzles and video games are fun but they lack something: the physical experience. In an escape room, you will be full immersed into the game because everything has been arranged and decorated according to your chosen theme. You can be a 1920’s cop, a Cold War spy, a high-roller who is seeking payback from a casino, an unscrupulous art dealer, a fearless archaeologist, a small town detective—virtually any thing you want to be.

escape room paradiseA Room Full of Fun
Before entering a different world, you will be briefed of the general rules. The room might overwhelm you; don’t worry because the guide will wait until you are used to the new environment before leaving. Once you are ready, the door will be closed and a video will be played to introduce you to the storyline and provide instructions.
Then you can start looking for clues and solving riddles to find the escape. What makes the game more exhilarating is the time constraint. Usually, players are given 1-2 hours only to work.

The Escape Game Is for Everyone!
The escape room Paradise is for everyone! Whether you are a hardworking father, a studious brother, an organized mother, a book-loving sister, an adventurous friend or just an office worker looking for a good way to spend the weekend, there’s an escape room for you. Just gather a group of 5-10 and you’re good to go.
Escape rooms are recommended for developing teamwork, critical analysis, patience and the ability to work under pressure. It’s ideal for corporate team building and simple get-togethers.

Challenges for All Skill Levels
Easy is good but it’s not fun. That’s why a Paradise escape room is designed to be challenging to ensure high engagement and enjoyment. Don’t worry because there is a wide variety of games for all skill levels. If a puzzle is too hard, you may request a clue from the game master.

Child-Friendly Games
Mystery games are not just for adults. There are themes for family entertainment, as well. But children still have to be accompanied by adults.

You Can Leave the Escape Room Anytime
What if you need to go to the washroom or to breathe some fresh air? Don’t worry because you are allowed to take a break. But there’s a catch: the clock won’t wait for you.

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