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Escape rooms are a game where you are stuck in a room with the aim of escaping it within one hour. To escape the room you need to find clues and hidden objects. Escape Room Mesquite is interactive, you and your group of friends will have lots of fun in solving the mystery puzzle.

The rooms though ordinary looking have hidden objects and clues for you to investigate and solve. You can choose differently themed rooms for your game depending on your preference. Each room is greatly exciting and the special effects make you feel as if you are actually there. As you solve the puzzle you get closer to winning the game. The adventure is a race against time to spot and solve the mystery puzzle in the escape room.

In the last few years numerous players have tested the Sherlock Holmes in them with Escape room Mesquite. The game brings gaming to a whole new realistic level with the players immersing themselves in the narrative and finding clues that allow them to solve the mystery in the escape room.

How Do I Play and Win the Game?
You have to work with your team to find the clues and solve the puzzle within one hour of entering the room to win. Clues in the form of objects and markings are hidden in plain sight and secret. You need to identify any clues and find the hidden objects which allow you to solve the mystery puzzle in Escape room Mesquite. You can investigate and discuss the clues to find out where they lead. The clues are numerous and one may lead you to another. Remember the clock is ticking and you have one hour only to solve the puzzle in Escape room Mesquite.

Who Can Play the Game?
Escape rooms requires you to work together with your friends in solving the puzzle to get out of the room. Although working as a team is not a condition, cooperation usually gets more success. Escape room Mesquite game is fun for anyone regardless of age, sex and does not need a special skill set. All you need is to be curious, creative and resourceful.

Where is Escape Room Mesquite Located?
Escape room Mesquite is located in Texas City in the Rodeo Capital of Texas. Its position in the crossroads of major highways make it easily accessible for a weekend getaway with your family, friends or for team building with your coworkers.

How Many Tickets Can I Buy?
You can buy one or as many Escape room Mesquite tickets as you want. If you are alone you are teamed up with other people in the game. You get a chance to meet new people in the game and work with them to solve the puzzle in Escape room Mesquite.

What if I want to end the game Midway?
Although, it is our wish for all escape room players to play the game to the end, we are legally required to allow you exit at anytime you wish to end the game. Before you begin escape room you are given instructions on how you can end the game Midway.

escape room mesquite

Join us at the escape room for the ultimate experience in real life, real time gaming. Whether you are a kid or grown up, for a weekend family or friends get away or team building this is the place to go for an awesome experience.

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