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Thanks to 35-year-old Takao Kata, we can now enjoy this incredible game that is inspired by “escape the room” style video games. Back in 2007, Takao Kato designed the first escape the room game which would later become a hit in Asia. However, it was going to be some few more years before it went mainstream as it was not until the 2010s that the game truly skyrocketed. Having hit in Asia first, it would later come to become popular in North America and in 2015 the first escape the room opened its doors in South America. It has also spread to Africa with the first opening in Kenya in 2016.

Escape room Denton is an adrenaline inducing game of strategy, wit, and mystery solving that will leave you feeling like James Bond, or Harry Potter in the Tri Wizard contest, or better yet Indiana Jones. Pretty cool, right? The name might suggest that this is a simple endeavor but they are rather complicated. Escape rooms are in the literal sense a room from which you have to escape from. You are provided with a set of clues that will show you the way out. The issue is there is a lot in the room to distract you from finding the right clues plus you’re on the clock. Escape rooms follow a storyline and feature different settings from dungeons, to asylums, and even space stations.

Escape room and more so escape room Denton, are a break from the norm and offer the social and physical aspects that people desire in games. Video games had become quite solitary and escape rooms brought the shake up people needed.

So, what does escape room Denton have to offer?

To begin with, the escape room Denton is called Escape DFW and it is located in Dallas-Fort Worth in the north texas area. This establishment features two escape rooms, i.e. the dungeon and the fracking earthquake. The latter is rather new. In the Dungeon escape room, you will have to escape from a dungeon in an abandoned castle after you were captured by pirates while you were on a boating excursion. At first, it might seem like all gloom and doom, but past prisoners have left you clues that will help you escape.

The second escape room features a modern theme. A government is conspiring with companies to allow them to drill without the consent or the concern of its citizens. However, John finds out that fracking could take down the entire city of Worth but he goes missing. Now the burden lies on you to get the story published before the government gets you. Good thing, he left you a few clues to help you out.

escape room denton

You can use this escape room Denton for team building exercises, or as a way to determine leaders and creatives among the employees. It is also good for the family given that it is fun and interactive for all genders and age groups.

The rooms at escape room Denton accommodate 2 to 6 people and you can make a reservation using their website.

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