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Before we get into the nitty gritty, of this escape room Burleson, how about a little history lesson. Escape rooms are games inspired by “Escape the room” style video games. The first escape room was designed in Japan by 35-year-old Takao Kato back in 2007. Their popularity soared in Asia but it is not until the 2010s that they came to be fully accepted. They then spread into the USA and in 2015, the first escape room opened its doors in South America. Escape rooms are games where you and a couple of friends are locked up in a room and you have to solve a series of puzzles to escape. All this within a set time limit usually 1 hour. They feature a variety of fictional locations from prisons to dungeons and even space stations.

Some of the benefits include:

· Team building – Escape room Burleson is perfect for businesses to enhance a teamwork culture in Burleson city. 

· They are insanely fun – good for family outings and definitely something to try with your friends.

· Promotes critical thinking as one has to use strategies to escape.

· Great for identifying leaders and high performers – Escape room Burleson, are beneficial for businesses in the area that want to identify high performers amongst their employees.

That being said, there is one noteworthy escape room Burleson in the city. The Escape DFW company.

Let’s go over a little about the company. Escape DFW is located in Dallas-Fort Worth which is in the north texas area and features fun and unique escape rooms, i.e. the Asylum and the CSI room. In the asylum, you are locked in a room and the doctors are coming back for their next patient to conduct their malevolent experiments on. There is hope as one Edgar Boyle was able to escape the and left behind some clues. However, he is the only patient to ever escape. You have to use the clues he left behind so as to escape, and all this before the doctors come back for the next patient. The CSI room follows the story of a young officer who is dying to join the FBI. He gets his break when he is called upon to investigate the murder of one Philip Clay Bourne, a self-made millionaire, and philanthropist. He is under the supervision of the forces finest detective, Detective Spade and needs to impress. 

escape room burleson

Escape room Burleson is handy, as it allows you to reserve the experience. However, note that once booked, there can be no refund. However, they can reschedule you if you notify them at least 6 hours to your reservation. You will also have to book the entire experience as rooms can only be reserved once fully booked. The maximum number of participants is 8 and the minimum 4. There is no guarantee that unfamiliar persons will not be added to your reservation lest you max out the room.

There are more escape rooms from Escape DFW in close proximity to Burleson city. And burleson is always growing so there might even be more to come. Well, that’s it for escape room Burleson and Escape DFW. Now come on in, this is a must try.

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