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Wondering how to best experience the fabulous thrill and high adrenaline team activity with friends or family? Escape Room Addison has got you covered. The frenzy and sensation about escape room activities are best experienced at Escape Room Addison. The general concept is engaging and easy to understand. After a limited amount of time, using different kinds of clues, your team will have to figure out a way to escape the room and avoid all the traps while having great fun and thrill at the same time. Beat the time, Have fun and Enjoy the Escape Room Addison adrenaline.

Unlimited numbers of activities has been set up for you at the Escape Room Addison, which will include but not limited to: For example, imagine a combination of numbers or puzzles that when deciphered gives you the combination number to a safe or treasure box, it, therefore, requires the creativity of the team work to connect the dots of the next scenario or pay close attention to mysterious host who may appear and disappear to explain the background story to the team players.

In each scenario, the team players can opt for help from the host, which is normally not the case as the fun and excitement to solve the next puzzle is simply too exhilarating.

The rules at the Escape Room Addison, are simple to follow and vary from one scenario to the next one. Sometimes the number of participants will decide the degree of story telling, and the use of audio or video.

Escape Room Addison ensures that your escape room experience is dream come true, it’s like a real life video game, with unlimited potential where only your limit is time.

In general, here are some of the things you can expect for your Escape Room Addison life time experience.

Winning is a great feeling, although this might not be the priority objective of some teams, winning is key as it crowns the whole experience. Two golden tips to bear in mind, therefore, are one, remember the path itself could be the destination and when you decide who will play what role it saves so much time. Immerse yourselves and have maximum fun.

It is all about team work with as few as 2 people or as many as up-to 20 people, so remember the objective you set for yourselves as the team.

Pay attention to the story and the theme. Every scenario has a story line and is designed to fit a certain theme, could be an ancient theme from the Pirates of Caribbean or ancient Egyptian life, so some rooms will have real life jails decorated to the last detail, so as you admire the different themes, get intrigued by the puzzles and follow the story, remember also to act the part.

escape room addison

Escape room activities take a maximum of 1 hour most of the time, and no genius is required. All the games are well researched by game masters and psychologists so even if its chemical experience the bottom line objective is to have fun, as it only requires the team to follow the instructions.

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