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Thank you for stopping by DFW’s most immersive and out of this world escape room experience at Escape DFW. Whether this is your first time at an escape room experience or you are a escape room veteran, we will make sure you will have a great time and have a memorable experience that you will talk about and look back on. On your visit to us you will have one of the most enjoyable, highly immersive live interactive entertainment that you can possibly have, we firmly believe this. Not only will you have a great time and enjoy our experience, you will likely come back with more friends and family to enjoy more in the future.

Our escape room is a great place for any occasion and reason. If you just want a place to hang out, if you want a novel creative entertainment, if you want an interresting cutting edge entertainment where you are the main attraction, where you can play and experience as if you are in the movie where you are the actor/actress and not just someone whose watching a screen passively, you can see and experience the story through the eyes of the actor/actress and that is you, yourself and through your own eyes.

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Our escape room experience is a great place for parties, birthdays, annversiaries, date nights, college parties, regular night outs, family get together, an evening out on the town, family outing, couples night, just a group of friends who wants to relax and do something different which is both entertaining but at the same time an experience where you get to be the active person, accomplish objectives, overcome obstacles with your friends all while having a blast and having the time of your life.

What makes the escape room experience different is that you are not passively sitting back and watching others having fun, it is you who is playing things out and you are driving the story and you are in the drivers seat in this active immersive live experience. So let’s ask ourselves what is an escape room experience and what makes it so different and so enjoyable. In an escape room experience, unlike other passive entertainment you will be taking part in a form of live entertainment with yourself in the front and center, and there can be any number of variations of different types of themes and experiences. Generally escape rooms are built around an ultimate objective to be passed such as say you have to break a code, get out of a room, or retrieve something and in order to do so you have to find the solutions that takes you to your ultimate objective usually in a timed setting.

What makes for a great escape room experience are great mates, friends, family, co-workers, school mates, anyone who is open to having fun and enjoying their time together. To be more exact, group communication, identifying players who are great at different tasks, everyone being on the same page and discovering and working as a team, being open to experience every moment and enjoying their moment together.

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Our escape room is also a great tool for business and work related applications. We cater to business clients and our experiences are great tools to establish team building skills, creating and enhancing team cohesion, and the team work that is required and used in order to reach objectives and overcome obstacles as a team are all great ways to better enhance the capacity of our business clients to achieve success due to the activities and the experience that they go through with us and the lessons and the team work experienced with us will fortunately translate over to the work place.

Lastly as our name implies, we are proud to serve all of our friends and family all over north Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We want to go beyond being your go to escape room experience in the metroplex, we will be your preferred destination for entertainment and social activities. We are hereto serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that we call our home.

In Dallas/Fort Worth, And Surrounding Cities Such As Southlake, Plano And Others

Enjoyment For The Entire Group

Activity That Is Highly Engaging

A Great Time For Everyone

Build Team Working Skills

An Immediate Adventure

Innovative Puzzles For Innovative People

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