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Thank you for visiting Escape DFW. Let’s go over escape room as a concept and the reason to experience our escape room, how much you will enjoy our experience and our location in Dallas Fort Worth. We welcome you to enjoy our experience and have the time of your life with your loved ones, near and dear to your heart. Escape rooms are a great fun and are a unique form of entertainment; it’s a combination of the ideal aspects of entertainment, active engagement and live action. Our novel entertainment engages you with the world around you, touching, seeing, solving, feeling for yourself the world around you to discover challenges and ways to overcome them in order to win and escape, all while having fun with your loved ones, friends, and family. Our game includes absolute live-action totally immersive teambuilding fun and entertainment that also gives you a sense of achievement. Ours is a unique form of entertainment which brings together friends and family to have a great time and have memorable events. We are glad to offer our place to our patrons where all the magic happens, making our patrons happy and always wanting to see us again with their family and friends. Our fully immersive live-action experiences is best played by being part of a team and to engage directly with each other and work together to overcome challenges, playing with others is what makes our games so dynamic. As an aside instead of being a passive viewer of someone else on tv or a computer or cell phone, many people are flocking to our escape room experience to actually play in real life in the physical world a real game that is far more greater, more entertaining and more engaging involving real-life interactions with actual face-to-face engagement with others while at the same time having fun, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing feats, all done with their loved ones around them, their most dear and near to their heart.

As residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, it is our pleasure to bring our escape room experience to citizens of this giant metro area. Given the vast size of North Texas and the DFW metro area, surprisingly there aren’t that many escape rooms to serve all of Dallas Fort Worth and all the cities of DFW. If you search for escape room Dallas or escape room Fort Worth or escape room Plano or escape room Southlake or escape room DFW or escape room anywhere in DFW then we are your escape room. Now the other aspect of Dallas-Fort Worth metro is that unlike most another metropolis all the cities and suburbs and exurbs are spread out over a vast area. So you have massive cities and towns that are part of the metro area but that are not in Dallas or Fort Worth. We didn’t overlook the opportunity to serve the inhabitants all throughout the metropolis not just in the main big cities. So if you are an inhabitant of Arlington Euless Mansfield Farmers Branch Grapevine Rockwall Roanoke Addison Lewisville Burleson McKinney Denton Mesquite Frisco Keller Las Colinas or any other city or town in DFW we just want you to know that we are here to serve you when you want to go to the best possible escape room experience. If you want to have a memorable time, full of fun and mirth, an engaging experience unlike any other, If you want to enjoy and have a great time with the most important people in your life, with your friends and family, being entertained and having the time of your life…. If all the above is true then we are your destination. We believe that once you see us once you will see us again, the next time even with more of your friends and family. One thing is for certain you will for sure have a great time, your friends and family will have a memorable time with you, having fun and being entertained, sharing in the happiness and enjoyment while creating memories that everyone can share in.

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So to start let’s ask us what is an escape room? There are many different answers, but what escape rooms, in general, have in common is what we will go over right now. What most escape rooms have in common more or less is an experience where players and active participants will experience, take part in and actively participate in a whole series of activity with the aim of solving obstacles and overcoming challenges to ultimately achieve a specific goal which in most cases includes escaping from a room or a set of rooms in a limited given period of time generally speaking about an hour in most cases. Participants in an escape room experience are actively trying to discover clues and their solutions in order to solve a number of challenges. Thus our experiences are totally in live-action and totally immersive and are most enjoyable and best experienced with a group of friends or family which makes this form of entertainment possibly the best team-based game and team-based entertainment that can be had. We will have the players and patrons be well situated and be briefed on the going on of their day with us, we will start by having everyone grouped together and then being met by the game master whose job would be to have the players briefed over the proceedings of the next hour and will be given the rules for the game experience. Depending on the experience there might be a backstory in which case players would be given that information by watching a video or they may be given material to read up on. Generally after that, once the players are briefed and everything is set in motion the door will be closed behind them and the countdown will begin.

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And then the real escape room experience starts. Initially, everyone starts exploring every nook and cranny to get more familiar with their surroundings, at first everyone generally is very tentative and as time keeps on rolling forward everyone starts to get a little more frantic, searching everywhere around them for anything that might help them to get out of the room. However not everything they find is useful, usually there would be a lot of clues everywhere at first they are not-so-subtle. Going through drawers, searching through boxes, picking into pockets, going through articles of clothing, running hands and eyes over, behind and underneath everything to find the answer. This is where communication is vital, a team that can communicate well can quickly overcome multiple challenges and obstacles by calling out what they have found out and then allocating the right person in order to solve and overcome the different challenges. Depending on the flow of the experience both challenges and solutions can be spread all over and nonlinear and some not sequential, thus everyone gets involved and that’s why its so much fun, playing the game makes you have fun and makes everyone come together and share in the enjoyment.

When one of these puzzles are solved they generally lead to something else, for example, it may be going into a new room through a door that was opened, or a bigger puzzle for which you have found a piece, or there might be padlocked case somewhere, or it may be a complete misdirection. In other words, when players are solving the puzzles they are generally led to the next step and each new step is more likely to be harder. As our enterprising team keeps on unlocking more puzzles and finding more obstacles, working together, communicating with each other in order to be more effective. Sometimes they might get stuck and for those times our escape room gives them a lifeline where they might be given a hint or two to help them continue and give them a boost to help them escape the room. So while they are doing all that time is ticking on and as time goes on the obstacles gets harder and becomes more complex, many times all these obstacles and puzzles finally lead up to a final obstacle, a final challenge which needs to be overcome for the door to be opened and for them to escape. And then the game master enters the picture again, the teams are generally led through debriefing and are helped with answers to questions and explanations of the experience if the team has any further questions. The neat thing about escape rooms is that anyone escape room can have multiple experiences and all of them can have different types of scenarios and thus for players and patrons they can experience many different types of games, all novel all live all immersive all totally fun, entertainment that is felt and experienced in the first person as if they are actors who are playing the central role in a movie. Thus our escape room experience provides something that is unique that is a new form of entertainment where you are active, feeling every moment with everyone around you, you are playing the part of the hero in your own movie you and your little group of friends and family, enjoying your time together, immersing yourself and engaging in part of a live storyline where you are at the center.

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